About Us

About Us

Local action with global approach (GLOCAL). Assistance and response 24/7.

Experience. Effectiveness. Specialization.

We are a multi service law firm for individuals and companies.

A relevant area of our law practice is the protection of Intellectual Property, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, Internet Domains, revocations and trade secrets.

Our columns are EXPERIENCEEFFECTIVENESS AND SPECIALIZATION when facing the conflicts and needs of our clients in a fast, strategic and successful way.

Experience, as a result of decades solving similar cases with solvency and anticipating contingencies.

- Effectiveness, based on personal and technical resources for facing the customer challenges and quickly get the goals.

- Specialization, acting in law areas or specific sectorial areas with expert professionals.

Our domestic and international clients are forerunners in their fields, so we develop creative solutions to achieve their goals.


Experience. Effectiveness. SpecializationServicios