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Corporate & Commercial

Over the last decades, because of Chilean economy stability and its straightforward business environment, Chilean and foreign businessmen and investors have used the country to develop projects that target domestic market and have increasingly begun to view Chile as a springboard to do businesses throughout the region and the rest of the world.

Besides, the widening network of free trade agreements signed by Chile and other kind of negotiations actually in course are making to our country a privileged business partner of United States of America, European Union, Mexico, Canada, China, South Korea, India, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan.

Responding to this opportunity, our corporate and commercial services are focused to facilitate and to assist the establishment of business relationship, trade opportunities and liaison between domestic and foreign companies or individuals and make them achieve their business goals successfully.

For that proposal our firm provide a wide range of services including establishment of business or corporate vehicles, including formation of joint ventures, incorporation of companies, formation of partnerships and disposals, advising on business contracts such as sale and purchase terms and conditions, technology transfer and trademark license agreements; franchise, distribution, agency, advertising, sponsorship, management and consultancy agreements; project, infrastructure and commercial developments; company secretarial, administration and managing services; and all kind of financial matter related with credit and capital.